Alarm Recommendations


What would a burglar do if an alarm system went off when they kicked in your door? One burglar said, "I'd turn around and get the hell out of there!".


We can help you choose the right alarm system for your home. Whether you prefer a wired option with all the capabilities, or a wireless option to keep the clutter to a minimum, we'll help you find the right solution.


We prefer wireless systems with 4G LTE backup, and there are many great options on the Canadian market. This allows greater flexibility for the placement of your home alarm system without the worry of drilling through walls and creating more jobs for you later. Downfalls would be that, like all wireless things, there is a chance that the unit itself and the backup signal fail. This is also possible with wired options, as when the system goes into a complete power loss, your alarm may be rendered useless.


Contact us today, and we'll find a solution that will suit your home.