Our Vision

FHSC will become the premier safety consulting firm in Ontario by providing top quality, customized safety solutions to a broad scope of clientele. 

Our Mission

FHSC exists to help our clients feel safe, secure and comfortable while in their homes. 

Our Values

Honesty, Integrity, Inclusive Practices, and Innovative Ideas.


Brian Mitchell, an ex-police officer is the Founder and President of Fortress Home Security Consultants

Welcome to the Fortress family.

The feeling of a criminal entering your home and invading your privacy can spread feelings of discomfort for years, sometimes even causing a person to pick it all up, and move their entire lives in the search to ease those feelings. Studies have shown that after a break and enter, one can develop PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other physical and physiological changes. 

I proudly served two major Ontario cities during my nine years as an officer, and all of it was spent in a front-line capacity helping citizens, just like you. During my career, I attended hundreds of break and enters, where hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal belongings were stolen by ruthless criminals who have no interest other than their own in mind. Some of them have no ties to Canada,  and they don't care whom they hurt. They bring in the cash, while we live in the aftermath of having our personal lives violated.

Fortress Home Security Consultants was born as a result of the numerous lives touched by ruthless criminal activity. After each interaction, families would often ask me "Why didn't we know this before?". Well, now it's time that you do, and we're going to help you create a safe and sound home, because your home is your fortress.

I am currently employed in the private sector looking after the safety and security of over 900 people on a 60 acre property, including overseeing all surveillance cameras, access control, traffic flow, fire systems and fire safety, and much more. My experience includes B&E and theft investigations, surveillance equipment installation and maintenance, personal safety planning for domestic violence victims, alarm system installations (wireless) among others. To continue to serve you better, I am currently pursuing a professional designation from ASIS International as a CPP (Certified Protection Professional), PSP (Physical Protection Professional), and I am CPTED Level I certified. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me, and together we can work on a plan to make you feel safe in your own home.